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Shipbuilding and heavy steel structures

Shipbuilding and heavy steel structures

The division focuses on

  1. Shipbuilding:
    • Shipbuilding activities are conducted under the supervision of classification organisations including BureauVeritas, DNV.GL, the Russian Maritime Register and others. Ships are primarily built under cover in production halls equipped with cranes rated for up to 50 t. Finished ships are then launched using a shiplift rated for up to 3,000 tonnes. Production facilities are sufficient to support the parallel construction of 9 hulls with maximum dimensions of up to 120 m long and 20 m wide.
    • Design documentation is largely secured externally in cooperation with division technicians. Division technicians also secure the creation of cutting programs for cutting out ship components and components for steel structures.
  2. Heavy steel structures:
    • welded bridge structures for roadway bridges
    • welded load-bearing structures for manufacturing and assembly halls
    • structures for water works


  • cargo ships
  • tugs and towboats
  • bulk hopper and pusher barges
  • technical vessels
  • floating cranes
  • heavy steel structures


  • plasma cutting machine for plate stock with maximum dimensions of 2000 x 12000 mm
  • plate deburring, length up to 8000 mm
  • cold plate forming on a 500-t shipbuilding press
  • bending ship frames made of bulb flat stock up to 300 mm tall
  • automated plate production line, arc welding of plates together on a copper backing and plate contouring
  • welding equipment used in shipbuilding: MIG-MAG, TIG, submerged arc welding and flame welding


  • Germanischer Lloyd shipbuilding certificate
  • Russian Maritime Register shipbuilding certificate
  • EN1090-1+A1 and EN1090-2+A1, EXC-4 certificate for the manufacture and assembly of steel structures
  • DIN EN ISO 3834-2 welding certificate per GSI SLV Hannover


  • Floating crane with capacities of 40 t and 25 t with 22.5-m and 37-m boom lengths respectively.
  • Bulk hopper barges with capacities of 160 m3, 450 m3, 600 m3 and 1000 m3 with hydraulic float-opening controls.
  • Towboat with 2 x 280 kW of on-board power and push barge capacity of 626 tonnes.
  • 7,500 kW floating generator station with LNG-powered generators.
  • Gate on the lower cap lock at the Gabčíkovo water works
  • Steel structure of the Vŕšok bridge on the D3 motorway (Svrčinovec – Skalité)
  • Steel structure for the roadway bridge over the Torysa River
  • Steel structures for Volkswagen, Hornbach, IKEA and Draka halls.